Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to the Dorm

Have I ever mentioned how much I loved college.  I love love loved it.  I remember moving into my dorm room every year and decorating it.  There are so many more cute things now that I wish I had to stock my tiny little room.  Here are some things I picked out for those heading back to school soon...

Baggu baggies to store everything imaginable from See Jane Work.  Cloud bulletin board from See Jane Work.  Jonathan Adler makes this adorable miniature tools for quick fixes including a hammer, screwdriver and tape measure.  This might be cutest thing ever.  I remember my college had rules about putting holes in the walls and we all just laughed.  I remember my Dad wielding a concrete drill one fall and I of course just filled in the holes with toothpaste before moving out.  :)  Sarah Pinto planners are so super cute especially the union jack.  I love these boxes from SCOUT available at See Jane Work.  Great for files, dirty laundry or just moving in and out.  I could not help but post the precious owl pencil cup from Anthro.  

Sigh.  I miss college...


  1. So true. There is so much fun stuff out there for the back to school crowd. When I look at pictures of my old university dorm room I wonder how I lived for four years in such a tiny space-I can't even imagine how I went without a TV! I laughed so hard when i read you used toothpaste to fill holes--I used squished up white bread!!! I passed inspection without a fine! Thanks for the memories.

    1. White bread? that's hilarious. very creative. I do remember using a blue toothpaste once. haha. college is awesome. my sophmore year we were literally in a closet. We had to loft my bed so we had floor space. fun times.

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