Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Should Get A Shirt Made...

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Don't Look At It

You know how sometimes in your life, something goes so well you don't want to draw attention to it?  It's like when our dog and cat cuddle and we try not to look at them.  

Anyway, I am proud to say I have lost 15 Pounds in the past 6 weeks!  

I am super pumped!  I have hesitated writing this post because I didn't want it to be like when Oprah rolled the wagon of fat out but I'm excited and had to share.  So how did I do it?  I started a low carb high protein diet.  It's not Adkins at all but is just low carb and low calorie.  Picture lots of grilled chicken and raw spinach.  Anyway, it has worked like a charm.  I am thrilled with the results.  

Better yet, I have negotiated myself an incentive plan with the hubs.  Tory Burch handbag here I come!  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon Laugh

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Toddler Breakfast and Sweets

I have desperately been in search of toddler feeding ideas for E. She has quickly grown to preferring to feed herself and I found two awesome recipes that I wanted to share first. 

Ella loved them and they freeze so they are great to stash away.  

I also found these yogurt citrus mini cupcakes from Parenting magazine.  These are Ella approved as well. 

Any other mommies have any great toddler feeding ideas for me?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cottage Fave

I dream about a tiny cottage.  

Perfect Imperfections

Happy Monday!  It's a holiday here in the US so I am enjoying a day off.   

Here are some of my faves...

I loved this piece of inspiration I found on Pinterest.  I think most of us at times find ourselves constantly striving for perfection when we should just stop and realize how pretty perfect everything is right now.

I loved the chair, pot and vase from Anthro.  Those adorable storage containers are from French Bull.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Connect the Dots

My favorites this Friday.  I'm happy to have a day off mainly because I desperately need a haircut and I am doing that today.  Well wishes for a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Mason Jar Cookies

I love this precious cookie art!


Some lovely finds this week... Wooden Bowls from Araya on Etsy.  Polka Dot Scarf from Spotted Moth.  Thank You notes from Sugar Paper.  Coffee Table from Zinc Door.  Earrings from Fornash.  Napkins from Mignon Kitchen Co.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eat Cake

Happy Wednesday afternoon!  Love this pin!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Beach Bag Faves

I was always a beach bag minimalist.  We rented chairs and an umbrella and just carried sunscreen, sunglasses, water and a book.  This year we had a baby with us for the first time and needless to say packing light for the beach is easier said than done.  Here are some of my beach bag faves for the big and little girl...

Beach Bag, J.Crew.  Supergoop Sunscreen.  Toms Aviators (okay I don't own these yet but they are on my list).  Beach Blanket from PB Kids.  Nalgene Sippy Cup (cutest ever!).

We also loved these on the beach.  Beach Toys by Zoe B and Beach Wrap from PB Kids.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If I Had a Little Boy

I am in love with Not On the High Street and if I had a little boy I would totally get him this scary soft T Rex.  Available here.  

Birthday in a Box

I have a great gift idea to share.  Birthday in a Box.  

I am picturing a cute box with great tissue filled some a few of these sweet little goodies...

Cards, noteset and Cheers coasters from Sugar Paper.  Stackable rings from Fornash.  Deborah Lippman polish in Happy Birthday available at  Earrings from Kate Spade.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Beach Style

Sharing a Pinterest fave.

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We had a good time at the annual BMW Pro Am Golf Tournament at Thornblade Golf Course on Saturday.  We didn't get to follow any celebrities since Ella has taken to yelling a lot and that is frowned upon in golf.  :)  I conquered a recipe for crustless quiche (I don't think I have mentioned the low carb diet we have been on for 3 weeks now).  I picked up Mom, Inc. by Cat Seto and Megan Mateo Ilasco at B&N and started it.  There is a great chapter on blogging.  

Also I have a crafty tip.  I never know what to do with birthday cards.  I always keep them and put them in a drawer and at some point I will put them in a box.  I decided that isn't the best way so for Ella's First Birthday Cards.  I punched holes in the upper corner of all of her cards and attached a copy of her birth invitation and tied all of the cards together with a bit of ribbon and voila!  It's a great way to keep important cards for each special event.  

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Real Simple

Picked up the June issue of Real Simple at the grocery store and it's their best issue I've ever read.  It makes me want to go organize my whole house!  The gift guide is great too. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Weekend

This weekend we are attending a Celebrity Pro Am Golf Tournament.  I saw this on Pinterest and it reminded my of a few years ago when my Dad was mixing the lemonade vodka concoction at his home during the tournament and got the amounts of the vodka and lemonade reversed and my sister and husband got mistakenly drunk at 10 AM.  

Haha.  Happy Weekend.

Wardrobe Design

Ella in her precious romper from my aunt.  Romper is made by Lemon Loves Lime.

I love baby clothes.  Most people would say I am crazy and a tad obsessed or as a friend would say, "You have a problem."  I love buying Ella's clothes.  It's like my favorite thing ever.  I realize that most people are not as obsessive as I am about their child's wardrobe.  

So do you start shopping early?  

Hit up sales the season before?

Buy from a friend or consignment?

Go all out on one afternoon?

I am a big internet shopper.  I don't have time to shop like I want so I buy most of E's clothes online and usually pick up a few things at my favorite stores when I have time.  I have my favorite stores (Tea Collection, Pink Chicken, BabyGap, Ralph Lauren, Hanna Andersson...) and as I find things I love, I put them on my / Ella's universal wish list.  I have an Amazon wish list and I add everything I find that I like for her and then I edit from there.  I also am a huge fan of Zulily.  I have gotten some adorable clothes at awesome deals on Zulily.  Anyway, once I get the wish list done then I start buying.  Given the limited storage I have in my house, I cannot save everything Ella wears for a future baby so I only save the things that I really love and is in still in excellent condition.  Otherwise, I sell the rest on eBay or at consignment and I try to use that money to buy her clothes for the next season.  

So now in mid-May I have most of Ella's summer clothes purchased and I am waiting for the fall lines to come out.  I told you I was obsessed.  Here are a few of the pieces I picked for Ella for the spring and summer. 

I also love Zulily.  I have gotten awesome deals from Zulily.  The Baby Lulu romper above I got on Zulily for $20 and it retails for $43. Go check it out if you aren't familiar.

While on this topic, I wanted to share the wisdom of a fellow blogger.  Here is Jenny from Spry on the Wall with her tips about buying kids clothes...

Buying kid's clothes can be fun and exciting (I mean who can resist such tiny and adorable items) but it can get expensive.  That's why I hit consignment sales and consignment shops for kids clothes, gear, etc. These sales are usually held by local churches or other groups twice a year, usually Spring and Fall.  These are great because you can usually buy and sell (consign) which means you can make a little money on the side and declutter at the same time.  What's great is that you can usually find some really fab kid's clothes, shoes, decor, gear, etc at significantly lower prices.  For example, I have gotten my girl some great Lilly Pulitzer, Crew Cuts, Little Maven, and Gymboree items that were either new or barely used.  I also use these sales as an excuse to declutter.  That way I have a deadline and goal for how and when I get rid of items my girl no longer needs or uses.   It's a win-win situation because any money I make consigning can usually cover, or make a large dent, in whatever I spent at the sale.  When I tackle these big, seasonal sales I go in with a plan as to what I need.  In between sales, if I find we need some items then I hit the consignment stores.  Again, I've found some great items at great prices.  Doing this helps keep my 3 1/2 year old girl's clothing budget low and I'm not brokenhearted when something inevitably gets stained, ripped or otherwise ruined.  

Thanks Jenny!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Food: Fruity Yogurt

I have been waiting to share my baby food recipes and I decided to do my favorite first.  Ella eats this every morning and its easy, simple and healthy.  


Flavored organic yogurts can be expensive so I decided to improvise and create my own.  I make fruit purees in any combination I want then I pour the puree in baby food trays (I use these from Beaba) and I freeze them and then transfer them to bags in the freezer.  In the morning, I just heat up the fruit and add a few spoonfuls of whole milk yogurt.  

Ella's favorite fruit combo is peaches and pineapple.  Whole Foods has affordable frozen fruit so I always stock up when I am there.  Allow the fruit to thaw and then puree in a blender.  

Pour into the baby food trays.  Ice cube trays will do.  

After 15-24 hours the food should be frozen.  Transfer to bags labeled with the name and date.  

In the morning, I heat it up for about 45 seconds and add the yogurt.  Ella also loves the fruit purees mixed with applesauce.  

It's Ella approved.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Favorite Baby Shoes

I am totally in love with these baby shoes from See Kai Run.  Ella wears their shoes all of the time.  

Look as these cuties

Also, these are some of my faves too.  Check out the tiny silver shoe.  

Ella wears these a lot. 

These are a favorite in our house.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Bookshelf

Thanks to our vacation and weekly allergy shot appointments I have actually gotten to read lately.  I finished up three books. 

The Hunger Games.  I know I am very unfashionably late to this party but I finally finished the Hunger Games.  I am hooked so I need to get the second one and find out what happens.  Don't tell me.  My sister keeps trying to tell me.  

French Kids Eat Everything.  I saw this on Amazon and I picked it up.  Apparently French kids are awesome and eat all sorts of things that would make me queasy and I consider myself an adventurous eater.  (Beet puree, really?)  The book contains tips that the author learned after moving her very American children to France.  I will certainly carry some things away from the book.   

Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster.  If you read my blog L&L, you know of my love for Jen Lancaster.  Her first book, Bitter is the New Black, is one of my favorite books ever.  This was good and much better than her attempt at fiction last year.  I laughed out loud a good bit.  Ignore her ridiculous generalizations about the awesomeness of the John Hughes generation.  That aside, its pretty funny.

Next up I am reading Imagine which is all about the creative process.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Faves

I hope everyone had a lovely mother's day.  Unfortunately we have all passed around a cold so we stayed at home.  Yesterday, Chris and Ella treated me to a day of shopping and a great lunch.  I enjoyed my special day.  

I have found some lovely pastel spring favorites to share with you. 

I just bought that tote in red and gray.  This tote is available at Amazon and at Layla Grayce.  The rug is from Urban Outfitters.  The chalkboard spice jars are from Anthropologie.  The adorable vase is from Design Darling's store.  My splurge at these expensive bowls with gold rims but goodness aren't they gorgeous?  Available here.

Happy Monday!

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mommy Fave: Sip N Munch

If you followed my prior blog Lavender and Lilies, you know that I love to share all of my favorite things that I find.  Over our trip to Hilton Head and Savannah, I fell in love with a new product.  

The Sip N Munch from Mud Pie.  I love love love this thing.  It's a straw cup on the top with a cup that screws into the bottom to hold a snack.  We have two (including the cute crown one E is holding in the picture) and we are using them like crazy.  We filled the cup with Happy Tots Puffs and then filled the cup with water and took it on the beach or on our day trip to Savannah.  It was awesome and one of my favorites. 

As part of 11 Gray, I am going to start featuring the tips, tricks, favorites and wisdom of lots of other bloggers.  First up is Kristina from Modern Frills.  Here is one of her favorites...

Here's a link to these cute little bottles.  Thanks Kristina!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Beach Wear

I love these precious pieces from Rikshaw Design.  Also, did you see that J.Crew is now carrying some of these pieces in their Crewcuts line?  

So cute.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hilton Head Island & Savannah

We spent a much needed vacation in Hilton Head Island last week.  It was much needed and very fun.  It was Ella's first time at the beach.  She is not a fan of the sand.  We spent a lot of time hanging out at the beach and the pool.  

We didn't venture out too much except to eat at a great restaurant we found called A Lowcountry Backyard.  I loved it.  If you serve fried green tomatoes I am there.  Ella loved their banana pudding and she had her first grilled cheese, which is now her favorite food.  

We also ate at the Salty Dog Cafe and got Ella her first t-shirt from there.  We shopped a little and visited a store called Hatley.  The owner was super nice and gave Ella an outfit.  We spent some time by the harbor also. 

On the way home we stopped in Savannah.  

Ella was exhausted so we only got to stay a few hours but we ate breakfast at Goose Feathers and did some shopping.  I got to go in my favorite store ever which is Paris Market.  Check this place out.  

I got a scarf, Ella a romper, some washi tape (yay!) and a seashell (I'll explain later).  We also stopped for ice cream at Leopold's Ice Cream.  I had lavender ice cream.  It was to die for.  

After Ella fell asleep in her stroller we decided to hit the road so we didn't get to do a few more things I wanted but hopefully we will go back soon.  I love Savannah.  It is one of my favorite cities in the South (a close second to Charleston, SC).

My mom thinks that I am going to cooperate with a photoshoot right here in the middle of the this square but I don't think so.