Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday Faves

Hi ladies!  I hope you had a great week!  Here are a few of my faves...

I was so sad to hear Nora Ephron died.  She directed some of my favorite movies like You've Got Mail.  I love the little quote from her.  The precious dress from E is from BabyGap and the earrings are from Anthropologie.  Also some little inspiration from George Bernard Shaw.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  We are going to do be doing some work on the house mainly outside and I am off next week so I am looking forward to a week of productivity.  :) 

Baby Style

I had to share this precious outfit Baby E wore this week.  

Precious dress and capri leggings from Tea Collection and these are on sale right now with extra 25% off.  So cute.  I paired them with Sea Wees Gold Sandals!

The Grill = Your Best Friend

Since being on a low carb diet, I have quickly learned that the grill is your friend.  

We grill chicken, lean beef, veggies, etc.  I found this delicious recipe for pork kabobs in the June issue of Southern Living.  Check it out here.  It does have barbeque sauce which does have carbs and some brown sugar but it's delicious and you can always adjust the ingredients.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Love This Kitchen. Don't You?

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Toddler Rooms

I am already thinking about decorating Ella's toddler room.  I know its a year or more off but still I love looking.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

Bed, Pouf, Quilt & Sheets: Serena & Lily.  Lamp, Bookshelves and Night Light: Land of Nod.  Dresser: DwellStudio. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Can You Really Do This?

I grow herbs every summer and right now I am overrun with rosemary, oregano, thyme and basil.  I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest about freezing the herbs in olive oil and using it throughout the year.  Love the idea.  Has anyone tried this?  Can you really freeze olive oil like that?

Whatcha Doin?

This is what we have been up to lately. 

I picked up some of my favorite magazines this weekend.  Magazines and frappucinos are my two biggest vices I swear.   I also picked up the new issue of TIME which had a great article on Justice Kennedy.  Very interesting if you are following of the Supreme Court cases that have been argued lately.  He is "The Decider" as the swing vote on the court. 

Baby E refuses to walk.  She stands, she walks on a walker but she refuses to let go and walk.  So her bunny walker is being used a lot.  

Last week I posted about the pin I found that suggests simmering sliced lemon, rosemary and vanilla on the stove to scent your home.  I did it and it works.  I substituted peppermint extract for vanilla and it was great.  

This weekend, I introduced E to scrambled eggs with ricotta.  She was a fan.  I just added a spoonful of ricotta to her scrambled eggs and added about a tablespoon of parmesan and a sprinkling of thyme.  She loved it.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Losing It

I'm excited to share a new feature on the blog.

I posted a few weeks ago that I have begun a weight loss plan.  I lost my baby weight from Baby E very easily.  I gained 37 pounds with her and lost 25 pounds in the first few days after her birth and was left with 12 pounds.  I joined Weight Watchers online and lost that weight by the time she was 7 months old.  

After that I stalled out.  I was overweight when I got pregnant and now it was time to tackle the excess weight I've had for several years now.  In late April I started a medically assisted weight loss program at a local hospital for people without medical problems but who want to lose weight.  It's a low carb diet.  No, not Adkins.  The focus is on low carbs to kick start a quick weight loss but you cannot eat an excessive amount of calories either.  I refuse to accept that eating bacon 24/7 is a healthy way to live.

I used this plan to start changing the way I eat and to make a lifestyle change and I have to say I am closer to a lifestyle change than I have ever been before.   I really want to share the positive changes I have made on the blog.  There are so many small changes I have made that I hope are the way I live forever.  I will be sharing those over time.  

As of right now, I have lost 17 pounds.  The past two weeks have been low weight loss weeks for me with me only losing about half a pound a week.  I am not discouraged by that because I really want a sustainable weight loss that I can maintain for the rest of my life.  A lot of the changes I made diet wise are not changes that will result in a massive weight loss initially but are things that will show big results over the next few months (giving up soda, etc.).  

Also, I have a selfish reason to share my journey on the blog.  I need some accountability and encouragement.  So many people have been so encouraging to me particularly my husband, my family and my awesome office mate Misti.  

I am so excited about how much I have lost in a short period of time (8 weeks!) but I do have a ways to go.  My initial goal is 30 pounds which leaves me with 13 more to go.  After that I will probably chose to lose some more but I am going to achieve this initial goal first.  My goal is to have reached my final goal weight by the end of the year.  

So I can't wait to share my journey and recipes and tips and tricks with you in the coming weeks and months.  

Have you ever lost weight?  What did you do?  Are you a lifelong skinny?  What are your tips and tricks?  If you say I eat Oreos every day but I just don't gain weight, I will find you and hit you.  :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Not Polite to Talk About Politics

In South Carolina, you are born a Gamecock or a Tiger.  I am a Gamecock by birth and by a law degree.  It's a very sensitive subject around here to discuss our bitter rivalry so I try not to flaunt the fact that I bleed garnet and black on the blog.  But today our Gamecocks are heading to the finals of the College World Series for the third year in a row to defend our two time national title and to face an awesome Arizona baseball team.  

Whatever happens I am a proud Gamecock!

Go Gamecocks!  Three in a row!

A warning:  If you live near me and see me running up and down the street screaming at about midnight, that means we won...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rough Week

I can't really put my finger on it but I've had a rough week.  A lot of self-doubt along with a teething toddler.  Baby E has fallen in love with Elmo so we are constantly on YouTube watching Feist and Elmo sing 1234.  I am absolutely in love with the necklace from J.Crew and E got this precious onesie from BabyGap.  I am also really ready for fall. Anyone else?

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Very True...

Golden Nail Polish, etc.

These are a few of my favorites right now.  

Scotch Naturals Gold Nail Polish.  Pitcher from Layla Grayce.  Princess and the Pea Doll from Pink Olive.  Wean Green storage cubes, available at Eco Mom.  Chalkboard Travel Mug from Eco Mom.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gonna Try This

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I am going to try it.  Simmer rosemary, lemons and vanilla on the stove. It's apparently the scent of the William Sonoma store.  You have to add water frequently but seems cool.


I have been waiting anxiously for the fall collections of my favorite brands to come out.  I look forward to fall like most people look forward to Christmas.  I was so excited when Tea Collection, which is one of my favorite children's clothing brands, did a preview of their fall collection.  The pieces are early fall pieces but since we live in the South, we can wear short sleeves well into October usually.  I will probably put long sleeved tees on under the dresses so she can wear them until winter.  These are the three outfits I have picked for Ella's fall wardrobe.  

Aren't they precious?  Now what shoes to wear with them?  I am truly obsessed can't you tell?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For The Boys

I recently found these cute baby girl toys that I just thought were too cute.  Looks like dump trucks and tool sets aren't just for the boys anymore. 

Dump Truck from Green Toys, available at Amazon.  Car by Kid O, available at Amazon (this is one of Ella's favorites.  Her pink car is named Beep Beep).  Tool Set by Green Toys, available at Amazon.  Golf Set from FAO Schwarz.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone has a lovely Father's Day Weekend.  I can't wait to spend my weekend with these two. 

Love, Jessica

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What A Great Idea?

Anyone? Anyone?

I am looking for some contributors to 11 Gray who would like to share their wisdom and ideas!

Here are some topics I am looking at...

Toddler Feeding
Baby Health
Style Favorites for Mom
Gifts for Little Boys
Baby Style Favorites
Healthy Family Recipes
Makeup Tips and Products
Weight Loss Tips and Stories
Healthy Eating for Kids

If you are interested, email me at

Thanks ladies!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love This Color Combo

Fruit Salad

I have been trying to come up with all sorts of innovative food ideas for Ella as she finally gets teeth and can start to eat new foods.  To tackle fruits I have started making Ella's Fruit Salad. 

I chop up all sorts of fruit and put them together then we serve Ella a few spoonfuls and let her eat them with her fingers.  

She loves it.  I try to use seasonal fruit that is fresh and available at the farmer's market.  

Just wanted to share our tip for Ella's Fruit Salad!

Any great toddler feeding ideas?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012


Who else is in love with Birchbox

In case you don't know, Birchbox is a program where for $10 a month you receive a box of deluxe samples delivered to your door.  I have gotten to sample so awesome products.  

This is my June Birchbox.

I loved Staniac Lip and Cheek Stain.  It's awesome.  
I also can't wait to try the full sized Stila Bronzer I received. 

Last month, I received one of my favorite Birchbox products ever!

Dr. Jart Beauty Balm.  It's a great tinted moisturizer/ primer.  It really brightens my complexion and I love it.  

Second Birthday?

I worked myself to an extreme on Ella's First Birthday party and I said I would not do another party at our home but this precious little strawberry shortcake party is precious isn't it?

Board Books

When Ella was first born I read a book called Superbaby.  The author suggested that parents allow their children to play with books even when they are babies.  To allow them to chew on them and play with them.  Based on that advice I have put all of Ella's board books into her toy bins so she can play with them along with her toys.  I am always surprised when she plays with a book instead of a toy.  

I love books and I have a slight addiction to buying books.  Board books are such cute little things that I find myself picking them up constantly.  I even tend to give them as gifts for friends.  They are cute to pair with a set of bookends.  Here are a few of Ella's favorite board books...

If any of you followed my on L&L, you know of my love of the BabyLit books.  Ella has all 4 that have been released so far and we are waiting on the next two that will be released in August.  These are the only board books that I don't let her play with unless I am watching her.  I love them so much I couldn't bear something happening to them.  

Ella loves any of the books based on the "Pigeon".  This is a cute little book called The Pigeon has Feelings Too.  

Ella loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar like all kids.  

I received a recommendation from my friend Johanna (hey Johanna!) to buy the book It's Time to Sleep, My Love by Nancy Tillman.  It's a precious sweet story to read before bed.  

Any board book recommendations?  I'd love to hear what you all love so I can go buy them for Ella!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend Wisdom

Sometimes I see Bible verses, quotes or other inspirational sayings and I just think about how much work I have to do on myself.  Needless to say some things in my life drove me to say some unkind words this week.  I need to remember this verse...

I wish you only kind words this weekend.  Happy Weekend!

Bath & Body

I recently discovered Barr Co. and their great bath products.  I found these at Swoozie's and I loved the smell.  Sadly I haven't made it back to actually buy them but I plan to.  I loved the soft clean smell.  Anthro is carrying their line as well.  

If you followed my on L&L then you know my love of Sabon.  If you don't know Sabon is a bath store in NYC and I love their products.  I have been craving their scrub lately.  I need to order some ASAP.  

I asked my friend Emily over at Emily Ann Interiors to share her favorite bath products with us and she was kind enough to respond. 

Thanks Emily!  Be sure to check Emily out at her blog

If you are interested in being featured on 11Gray, please email me at  If you have already emailed me or if you decide to email me, you might not hear from me immediately.  I will email you as soon as I have an idea for a post like this.  So don't fret, I will get to you as quick as I can.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is Anyone Else

Already Thinking About Christmas?

Only Me?

June Shopping List, Part 2

As I said yesterday, I found way too many things I love this month to restrict myself so here are the rest of my June faves.  

Shoes from Old Soles for J.Crew (ordered these for E), Mini Brompton Hobo from J.Crew, Hair Ties from Anthro (I swear I will not post about them again), Wallpaper from Anthro.  Ballet Flats from TOMS.  I ordered TOMS flats the day they came out and I have worn them constantly since.  These are the next ones I have chosen and I love them.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I love how quaint this dining room is. 

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

June Shopping List

This weekend I realized I had not done a shopping list yet for June.  I was so uninspired but as soon as I started looking I found so many precious things that I wanted to share so this is part one and tomorrow will be part 2.  For these I found myself picking a lot of turquoise and lime so here are these blue and green picks...

Scarf, Hair Ties, Clutch, Anthro.  Baby Girl Swimsuit, Janie & Jack. Dress & Bag, J.Crew.  Tiny TOMS. 

I loved the ruffles and texture of the scarf from Anthro.  It looks so fluffy and full.  The clutch seemed unexpected and cute and as you can tell I have love of these hair ties.  I love this color selection in summer colors.  I loved the cute swimsuit from Janie & Jack.  The bag from J.Crew has been on my wishlist for a while.  It's a cross body bag which I love.  The dress, although not a typical summer dress, is exactly like what I wear to work and it's definitely on list once I hit my goal weight.  I know that I never feature items for baby boys but I have to say if I had a boy he would have these cute Tiny TOMS.  They are one of their last chance items so there aren't too many sizes left but these are precious!

Monday, June 4, 2012


This kitchen I saw on Pinterest.  

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Markets and Birthdays

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had a great Saturday.  I got up early and went for a run (finished week 1 of Couch to 5k, woo hoo).  My mom, Ella and I headed to the Farmer's Market where we had a blast searching the stalls for fruits, vegetables and the best pimento cheese biscuits ever.  I am putting my finds to good use and I can't wait to share my farmer's market recipes.  Stay tuned!

We also had a birthday party for our sweet little cousin Abbie who turned 3.  My sister Jenifer makes these incredible burlap signs.  Check out this one she made for my cousin's front door.  

Isn't it precious?  Check out her Facebook page for her store She's Crafty.  She makes all sort of custom items.  

Finally, check out the cuteness that is baby E eating cookies on my counter in these cute clothes I got on clearance from BabyGap.  Pink tee and tan zebra print shorts.  Who knew that could be this cute?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy Weekend Lovelies!  

I am looking forward to a weekend with my family and celebrating a special birthday with a precious little girl.  I hope to get to see Snow White at some point.  Be safe and have fun!

My favorites are...

1. June issue of Southern Living is filled with awesome recipes including some for fried green tomatoes. 
2. Paperweight from Stripe and Field
3. Earrings from Dariami on Etsy.
4. Market List from Sugar Paper
5. Polka Dot Bag from Hansel from Basel
6. Deborah Lippman Snow White & the Huntsman Nail Polish Duo (you can get it at Nordstrom).