Monday, June 11, 2012

Board Books

When Ella was first born I read a book called Superbaby.  The author suggested that parents allow their children to play with books even when they are babies.  To allow them to chew on them and play with them.  Based on that advice I have put all of Ella's board books into her toy bins so she can play with them along with her toys.  I am always surprised when she plays with a book instead of a toy.  

I love books and I have a slight addiction to buying books.  Board books are such cute little things that I find myself picking them up constantly.  I even tend to give them as gifts for friends.  They are cute to pair with a set of bookends.  Here are a few of Ella's favorite board books...

If any of you followed my on L&L, you know of my love of the BabyLit books.  Ella has all 4 that have been released so far and we are waiting on the next two that will be released in August.  These are the only board books that I don't let her play with unless I am watching her.  I love them so much I couldn't bear something happening to them.  

Ella loves any of the books based on the "Pigeon".  This is a cute little book called The Pigeon has Feelings Too.  

Ella loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar like all kids.  

I received a recommendation from my friend Johanna (hey Johanna!) to buy the book It's Time to Sleep, My Love by Nancy Tillman.  It's a precious sweet story to read before bed.  

Any board book recommendations?  I'd love to hear what you all love so I can go buy them for Ella!


  1. Pookie the Pig books by Sandra Boynton are some of our favorites!

  2. The child gets her love of reading HONEST! She will be a very well read little girl!

  3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a favorite around here. I also once randomly saw the Madeline book in a board book format once at the grocery store of all places.

  4. I'm behind on my stalking and almost missed this! :) I know it is pretty much tired-out, but we still love Goodnight Moon. I used to have it memorized (I need to bone up on it) so that I could recite it over the phone to the kiddos if I was out of town. PS Did you catch skeezy-Pete reading it on Mad Men the other night?