Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whatcha Doin?

This is what we have been up to lately. 

I picked up some of my favorite magazines this weekend.  Magazines and frappucinos are my two biggest vices I swear.   I also picked up the new issue of TIME which had a great article on Justice Kennedy.  Very interesting if you are following of the Supreme Court cases that have been argued lately.  He is "The Decider" as the swing vote on the court. 

Baby E refuses to walk.  She stands, she walks on a walker but she refuses to let go and walk.  So her bunny walker is being used a lot.  

Last week I posted about the pin I found that suggests simmering sliced lemon, rosemary and vanilla on the stove to scent your home.  I did it and it works.  I substituted peppermint extract for vanilla and it was great.  

This weekend, I introduced E to scrambled eggs with ricotta.  She was a fan.  I just added a spoonful of ricotta to her scrambled eggs and added about a tablespoon of parmesan and a sprinkling of thyme.  She loved it.  

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