Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Bookshelf

Thanks to our vacation and weekly allergy shot appointments I have actually gotten to read lately.  I finished up three books. 

The Hunger Games.  I know I am very unfashionably late to this party but I finally finished the Hunger Games.  I am hooked so I need to get the second one and find out what happens.  Don't tell me.  My sister keeps trying to tell me.  

French Kids Eat Everything.  I saw this on Amazon and I picked it up.  Apparently French kids are awesome and eat all sorts of things that would make me queasy and I consider myself an adventurous eater.  (Beet puree, really?)  The book contains tips that the author learned after moving her very American children to France.  I will certainly carry some things away from the book.   

Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster.  If you read my blog L&L, you know of my love for Jen Lancaster.  Her first book, Bitter is the New Black, is one of my favorite books ever.  This was good and much better than her attempt at fiction last year.  I laughed out loud a good bit.  Ignore her ridiculous generalizations about the awesomeness of the John Hughes generation.  That aside, its pretty funny.

Next up I am reading Imagine which is all about the creative process.  


  1. I loved the hunger games too! I was actually sad when I finished with all the books

  2. I actually have not read any of those yet. If you liked the French kids one, you should pick up Bringing up Bebe if you have not already. It is an interesting read. It's not a parenting book, but a memoir. I think you would like it.

    1. It was a really good book. I enjoyed it too.

  3. I loved the Hunger Games so I think I'm going to add the rest of your books to my reading list!! :) Love your blog!


  4. I read Bringing up Bebe first and I liked it a lot. The Hunger Games was awesome. I need to go get Catching Fire this weekend.

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