Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ella's First Birthday!

We celebrate Ella's first birthday last week.  She had a small garden party for just our family.  It was simple and sweet but I won't lie to you I worked my tail off on that party.  So here's a glimpse into a few of the details of her party. 

Her smash cake.  I loved this rose design I saw on Pinterest so I copied that using this tutorial.  I also followed this recipe for crusting buttercream.  The inside was Paula Deen's strawberry cake.  I also sprinkled the cake with these tiny edible stars from Wilton that I picked at Joann's.  

This was the dining room filled with flowers.  I wrote the menu on the chalkboard that was one of Ella's presents.  Notice the balloons are tied with twine.  A small touch but I loved it.

This was the drink station.  I ordered the straws from The Party Fairy on Etsy.  I used mason jars for the drinks.  We served strawberry tea and raspberry lemonade.  Sorry I didn't get a picture once everything was stocked.  I was so busy.  The pomballs and lanterns are from the Martha Stewart collection.  

This is the vintage highchair I slaved over for this party.  It was mine and I sanded and painted it.  It turned out precious.  

My favorite thing I made was this bunting I made and clipped photos of Ella from each month along the way starting with her at the hospital all the way up to 11 Months.  It was very cute.  

For the menu, I served these items...

Tomato Tarts, which was a recipe from a co-worker.  I will share soon. 

Blackberry Cupcakes.  My own recipe with Magnolia Bakery Cream Cheese Frosting.  

Regular birthday cake cupcakes with large confetti sprinkles. 

Cucumber Sandwiches, my own recipe as well.  Shared here

It was wonderful but exhausting.  Next year I think we are going to the zoo.  :)


  1. It turned out beautiful!! All the little touches add up to make it just precious. You'll love looking back at these photos in years to come.

  2. all the details are so cute! I love that she is now using the same highchair that you once used!!

  3. I love all of the special details, especially that sweet highchair! You did a fantastic job on this party.

  4. Beautiful party... I love all the special details and the menu sounds amazing! I agree, they are A Lot of work. After my daughter's 3rd birthday this past March, I told my husband that we are going to Disney for her birthday next year!!

  5. What a beautiful party! The cake is a stunner! Can't believe you made it.

  6. Julia I said the same thing. We are doing the zoo next year and then disney for her 3rd. It was exhausting. Anyway, the 2nd birthday party will be off site! Thanks for all of the compliments guys!

  7. Jessica, I am going to love this blog! All things I can relate too:)
    What a precious birthday theme! Can you believe our babies are 1?! Fastest year ever.

  8. I know! I cannot believe they are 1. It really flew by. I underestimated how fast it goes.