Friday, May 11, 2012

Mommy Fave: Sip N Munch

If you followed my prior blog Lavender and Lilies, you know that I love to share all of my favorite things that I find.  Over our trip to Hilton Head and Savannah, I fell in love with a new product.  

The Sip N Munch from Mud Pie.  I love love love this thing.  It's a straw cup on the top with a cup that screws into the bottom to hold a snack.  We have two (including the cute crown one E is holding in the picture) and we are using them like crazy.  We filled the cup with Happy Tots Puffs and then filled the cup with water and took it on the beach or on our day trip to Savannah.  It was awesome and one of my favorites. 

As part of 11 Gray, I am going to start featuring the tips, tricks, favorites and wisdom of lots of other bloggers.  First up is Kristina from Modern Frills.  Here is one of her favorites...

Here's a link to these cute little bottles.  Thanks Kristina!

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