Sunday, July 29, 2012

15 Months and Shopping Fun

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Friday night we ran a few errands, grabbed dinner and then watched the Opening Ceremony.  Did anyone else watch it?  What did you think?  

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I thought it was good.   It totally reminded me of this clip from 30 Rock, which is hilarious!  

I really liked how the opening ceremonies focused on Britain's contributions to the world (including music and I will admit the UK contributes about 80% of the music on my iPod) and the beginning was awesome.  I loved Kenneth Branaugh reading the excerpt from The Tempest.  

Saturday, we had lots of errands to run but it was fun to spend the day with my husband and E.  I picked up E some fall clothes and my husband got some much needed goodies at his favorite running store.  He's training for his second half marathon and I'm so proud of him.  

On my former blog, I got a question once about how much of the things I featured on my blog did I purchase.  Since I post about so many things, I don't buy all or even most of them.  I am the absolute opposite of a hoarder so I don't buy a lot of random things although I do buy 99% of the children's clothes I feature.  

I did want to share some things I actually did buy and I am loving lately.  

First up, is this Pantone board book I picked up at B&N (available here from Amazon).  It's a Pantone Board Book which includes all different shades of yellow, red, pink, purple, blue, black, orange, etc.  Each page features an object and a color like red then the opposite page includes blocks of a dozen different shades of that color (rubberband pink, coral, etc.)  It's precious.  I love it. 

Next up, I have found the most perfect mascara ever.  It's called They're Real by Benefit.  I bought a $5 small tube at Sephora to throw in my purse and quickly found the tube drained.  I picked up the full sized version and I have to say this is it.  I was on the hunt for a great mascara and I have found it.  Available here at Amazon.

Finally, a glimpse at E who turned 15 months old this weekend.  Enjoying a refresher with Dad this weekend and enjoying brunch on Sunday. 

Wishing everyone happy Olympics watching and a safe week.  

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