Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bedroom Update

So as I said last week we have started working on our house again.  You can see the saga that was and is my house at my old blog Lavender and Lilies by clicking here.  

I decided to go room by room.  I started with the rooms that needed the least work and Ella's room was first (more on that tomorrow) followed by our dining room (still debating on curtains at the moment).  Next up was our bedroom.  I really want to take my time and build a great room we love.  We have never really put any work into our bedroom and so I really want to devote some time to it.  I couldn't photograph the whole room this weekend because of other projects but here is a shot of the first thing we did, which was to paint the walls.  

The room has been painted 4 times now.  First it was a mint green, then a dark dark dark chocolate brown, then Hopsack by Ralph Lauren and now its cumulus cloud by Martha Stewart.  Paint colors change a lot in my house because our house can be very dark.  This room has great windows but since we live so close to our neighbors we have to keep the windows closed a fair amount of the time.  The lighting in the room makes everything have a yellow tint so I tested several colors and finally settled on this paint color.  

I really do like it.  The room is so much brighter and bigger now.  

As for the remainder of the room... Our bed is custom and I love it.  Right now the headboard is just attached to a regular bed frame and we have a dust ruffle.  I really want to find a bedframe that has exposed legs so we can do away with a dust ruffle.  We also need several new pieces of bedding, new nightstands, a dresser, something for the end of the bed that will provide storage (would love to find an old trunk) and a chair and table for a sitting area.  My new project in the room is the ceiling and the moldings.  The moldings are in bad shape in certain parts of the room.  I have found some tutorials via Pinterest and I hope to tackle those soon.  The ceiling just needs to be sanded in some parts.  Then I want to add a ceiling medallion and a new light fixture.  I do not want anything really flashy although I considered buying the Makros pendant from Ikea and spray painting it cold like is seen below but I have decided against that.  I think something simple will do the trick just fine.  Any suggestions?

This room will take some time because I want to find pieces we love after we get the moldings fixed.  Eventually, we will have to replace the windows and the floors but that is a whole different to do list.  Sigh.  It just makes me tired thinking about it.  :) 

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