Thursday, July 12, 2012

Followers and Faves

Some favorites for your weekend....

Ella had to share her faves which are truly two of her favorite things.  First are the silver sandals from See Kai Run.  She loved these shoes.  She got so excited when we put them on.  They are on sale right now at Zulily too.  Here's the link.   She also loves these chunky little Favorite Words board books from Eric Carle.  

As for me, these are all things I saw on Pinterest this week.  First up is the adorable art I found on Etsy by Sarah Jane Studios.  I love the ginger jars from Dana Gibson.  The whale bottle opener is so fun.  I always have wanted a custom return address stamp like this one from Lindsay Letters.  

Next up, I must confessed I have been a tad bit bummed about the blog lately.  This seems so silly but going from this number of followers on L&L...

to this many followers on 11Gray ....

has made me sad.  So if you aren't a follower,  will you just click that follow button and make my day?

Happy weekend!


  1. Ella is sure to be the most stylish girl at the playdates in those sandals!

  2. Ella is one lucky little lady....and not to mention adorable!!! I totally get the follower situation... I feel like I have good and bad blog days and I can't help but take the bad days personally. Your blog is fab and I know you'll get back up there on your followers!! I am now following if that helps :)