Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Floating Away

One of the biggest challenges for me in my weight loss has been to drink enough water.  I had developed a really bad habit of drinking soda right before starting the diet.  I had given up soda previously but somehow slipped back into the bad habit.  Luckily this was the first habit I kicked when starting my weight loss plan; however, drinking enough water has been difficult for me.  I don't drink 64 ounces of anything in a day so I have to consciously make myself drink drink drink all day.  

Do any of you have this problem?  What do you do?

I use a 32 ounce cup with a straw that I take back and forth with me all day.  The fact that I know I have to drink two of those helps me keep track.  Any other tips or tricks?


  1. I do the same thing with a 32 oz cup. If i find I'm not drinking enough I will set a goal (have to drink the last 1/2 of the cup in the next 30 min) or whatever it may be. I also drink it ice cold b/c they say that burns more calories. Good luck!

  2. I am terrible at drinking water, but love your 32 oz cup idea! What weight loss plan are you following? After weeks of indulging in vacations, holidays and family reunions, I am ready to get back on track!

    1. Kelly, I am doing a plan from my local hospital. It's for people who need to lose 30 or so pounds. It's really just low carb. Very low carb. you are supposed to have 20 carbs or less a day. That's really hard for me so I have been trying to have few carbs but I am not holding myself to that standard which is very low. I also try to balance it out with exercise. Since I'm running today, I will allow myself some extra carbs but even then I try to have them in the morning. Also, I have completely eliminated rice and pasta from my diet. I still have bread but very little and we don't have any in our house. Sadly sugar is the habit I am trying to kick and I'm having a hard time with that one.