Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boycots, Fortunes and a Random Rant

We had a fun weekend.  Friday night we went to dinner with my Dad and Ella had her first experience with Chinese food and got her first fortune cookie.  

Her fortune made me laugh because she's 1 and really doesn't have old friends.  

But look at this face...

Also, my niece competed in the Miss South Carolina pageant this weekend.  She did great but is not the new Miss SC.  We are all so proud of her for so many reasons in addition to the fact that she was in the pageant.  My true moment of pride I did not see but heard about from my mother in law.  My niece was asked who her favorite reality tv star was and she could not answer the question.  I loved it.  My honor student, full ride to college, basketball playing, sorority sister, volunteering at summer camps for disabled children niece could not answer the question and I loved it.  If I was a judge I would have given her the crown right then.  :)  

I was thinking about it and remembering that one of my most popular posts on my former blog was this one about my strong dislike of a certain reality TV family known as the Kardashians.  I remember seeing links to my post on twitter and facebook all day.  It turns out most of you despise them as well.

Now I will admit I have watched some reality shows.  In this day and age how can you avoid it but I mainly have stuck to competition shows like The Voice, etc.  I do like Guiliana and Bill too but they seem like good people who aren't doing ridiculous things just to get attention.

I also posted here about my fervent love of Jon Hamm who called them idiots.  Excuse the language but here's a screenshot.

Anyway, the Kardashian cot does continue and I hope you all remember the rules.  I was so proud of my sister who has purchased People magazine every week for the past 20 years resisted when one of them was on the cover.  She followed my rule that if the Kardashians are involved you don't buy, listen or watch it.  I still have faith that if we ignore them they will go away.  

Oh and I totally judge Oprah for interviewing them on OWN.  I have gone to desperate measures to make sure my DVR does not record their appearance on Oprah's Next Chapter because I do not want to contribute to any ratings that supports them.  I don't see why she interviewed them and how she thought they represented any ideal or set of values she wants to perpetuate.  I'd like to know what the thinking was.  I haven't watched it but I hope she lectured them or at least gave them judgmental stares. 

Anyway, that's my rant for Tuesday.  Thanks for listening!  Remember the Kardashian-cot lives on!

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